About Us 2

Founder Tiffany first discovered medicinal mushrooms whilst looking for new natural recipes and ingredients to supplement her plant-based lifestyle.

After reading David Wolfe’s book ‘Chaga: the King of medicinal mushrooms learning about Chaga’s use, history and powerful health benefits was the start of Tiffanys Chaga obsession.

She brought a batch home to cook on the stove, brewing Chaga tea in the traditional way that the Russians have been doing for hundreds of years.

Drinking it regularly she found herself more grounded , with higher energy levels and an all round sense of well-being.

Soon her partner Ronnie was spending all his time brewing just to keep up with demand of friends and family wanting to feel the health benefits too and their fridge was permanently full of bottles of Chaga tea so they decided it was time to scale things up.

Looking into the Chaga industry further, there was a huge opportunity to bring this natural superfood to the nation. Finding an organically-certified factory in London allowed them produce much larger amounts of Chaga tea, filtered, bottled and ready to deliver to your door!

What can Chaga do for you? Because it’s an adaptogenic herb, regular intake of Chaga will eventually restore your body to its natural, balanced state. It’s unique ability to “adapt” it’s function according to what your body needs is one of the reasons its known as “nature’s miracle”.

Whether you need more energy, sleep better or just want to get more vitamins and minerals in your diet then Chaga can help. We’ve had many testimonials from friends , (and friends of friends!) telling us what a positive difference it's made to their lives.

Chaga mushrooms use as a traditional medicine in Russia dates back to the 12th Century and we are proud that our one and only ingredient in every bottle of Chaga Life is the finest Chaga mushroom, sourced directly from a local farmer in Kirov, Siberia.

Because we source our Chaga directly from the farmer we don’t scrimp on the amount of mushroom in our drinks; each bottle contains a concentrated batch full of all the essential nutrients we believe everyone should be able to have easily accessible to enjoy a healthier, happier life !

With love,

Lady Chaga & The Chaga Life Family