How We Create Chaga Life Tea

From the Siberian forest of Kirov to many stores across London and the rest of the UK – Chaga Life comes a long way before it can be supplied to our customers. From the extraction of the mushroom to distributing it as a drink, discover how we create our magnificent Chaga Life tea.

Where does Chaga grow?

Chaga grows on birch trees in very cold climates. Typically, Chaga can be found in Russia, Korea, eastern and northern Europe and northern areas of the US and Canada.

We source our Chaga from the Siberian forest of Kirov, where Chaga grows abundantly and with exceptional quality.

Chaga preparation

Producing Chaga Life tea is simple but needs to be done with the utmost care and caution to create an effective and delicious drink. We are proud to say that we make a tremendous amount of effort to ensure our Chaga is harvested in a sustainable and ethical way, without harming nature. This ranges from the treatment of the farmers in Siberia to the way that Chaga is taken from the birch tree. Read on for the step-by-step process of the creation of Chaga Life.

Step one: Our experienced farmer sources the wild Chaga mushroom on the birch trees in the Siberian forest of Kirov. With his extensive knowledge, he identifies when the birch trees are dormant, and when the Chaga is at its peak nutritional value.

Step two: With a hand-axe, the farmer chops around a third of external Chaga off the tree. As each mushroom takes approximately 10-20 years to develop, it’s important to leave enough mushroom on the tree so that it can continue to grow.

Harvesting the Chaga in this way also ensures that the birch tree isn’t damaged. The harvested Chaga Mushroom chunks are dried out for a few days, and then broken into smaller pieces.

Step three: Our farmer uses express shipping to transport the Chaga over to our organically certified factory in London. We then rinse the mushroom thoroughly to make sure it is clean of debris and insects.

Step four: Now it’s time for the brewing process. The Chaga is grounded into a fine powder and placed in a large vat bowl. Using only pure filtered water, we heat it until it reaches between 140 and 160 Fahrenheit (60-70 degrees Celsius).

We don’t boil the Chaga as boiling hot water can destroy the antioxidants and delicate complexes in the mushroom. Instead, the Chaga simmers for many hours at a low heat.

Step five: Once ready, the Chaga is left to cool. It’s then strained, pasteurised and poured into our Chaga Life glass bottles. The Chaga is now ready to be distributed to various stores in the UK and to our customers who have ordered online.

Chaga is available to buy before it has been brewed into a tea, but it can be a lengthy and painstaking process to brew the Chaga yourself. There is also room for easy mistakes that can reduce the benefits of the mushroom and ruin the brewing process.

Chaga Life does everything for you, allowing you to reap the benefits of Chaga without any complications. Just order, open, drink and let the mushroom’s benefits start flowing.